50 used PET bottles make one Big Bag

Boxon converts PET bottles from Indonesia into new big bags. In this
way, we help to reduce local plastic waste and to prevent marine pollution. After use, the Recycling PET Big Bag can be recycled again.

In times of climate change and polluted oceans, it is clear that we have to react. At Boxon, we permanently work on creating the world’s most intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions – that includes products with regard to environmental aspects. Today Boxon offers different solutions with an improved environmental footprint. And with Big Bags made from recycled PET bottles from Indonesia we now take the next step.

The used PET bottles are collected from landfill sites and by individuals, who deliver it to one of the several collection points in Indonesia. At least 10% of the materials are marine litter, originating from beaches and coastal areas. 25 bottles are needed to produce 1 kg of woven recycling PET. This means, that 50 PET bottles are used for the production of an average 2 kg- Big Bag.

Same quality standards, improved environmental footprint

In terms of quality, no compromises have to be made. The same high quality standards are set for the R-PET Big Bags as for the FIBC made of polypropylene. Boxon customers benefit from flexible customization options and a big bag that is optimally adapted to their goods.

While there are no concerns in terms of quality, the positive benefits for the environment are numerous:

• Prevention of marine pollution
• Effective re-usage of PET bottles
• Less ressource input
• Up to 25 % less CO2 emissions

All steps from sorting and cleaning the bottles to processing and the production of Big Bags take place in the same facility, which means short ways and no re-transport or re-packaging. PET can be recycled and reprocessed multiple times without loss of properties. This makes it a
very circular plastic if discarded correctly.

Boxon customers can check with us how the R-PET Big Bags can be integrated into their supply chain. It has never been so easy to improve a packaging’s environmental footprint!

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The need for structure

It is together with our customers we develop. Therefore, we see every challenge as a chance to further add value to our customers.

Many companies are spread across several units or in different parts of the world, but want to be perceived as one company, one brand. The package is a great and important brand carrier and with this global logistic situation it gets more and more complicated to appear homogenous within the packaging area. Different suppliers, various interpretations of the graphic profile, old solutions still available is a nightmare for the brand management.   

Rolf Lindberg, Account manager Boxon, Niklas Jakobsson, Global warehouse development support Epiroc and Fredrik Lethin, E-commerce manager Boxon

Read more about how we solve this challenge together with Epiroc and a digital platform based on unique needs.

Adding value beyond the box

How to reduce CO2 with up to 2 cars emissions/year

It is quite easy – just choose a thinner stretch film when you are stretch filming the goods. Many thinks that a thinner film means more layers and more consumption, but it is actually the opposite. When stretching with a thinner film, the film remains hard, and the width is retained. This means less consumption and higher cargo safety. And you get a better ergonomic and eco-friendly alternative.

Watch our movie where we compare two different stretch films in 10 my and 20 my and see how you can reduce CO2 emission.

Let´s celebrate the International Beer day

On the first Friday of every August it is time to celebrate beer. International Beer Day (IBD) was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California by Jesse Avshalomov.

From a small local event, it has grown to a worldwide celebration in 207 cities, 80 countries and 6 continents. The main purpose is of course, to enjoy the taste of beer together with friends, but also celebrate breweries and all those serving beer.

Here on Boxon, we have our own beer expert, Frederick Trip, Account Manager and we asked him what he will do on this day. “This is the best day of the year! It beats even Christmas. I buy my favourite beer, but also some new ones and invites my friends. Then we have some serious tasting.” he says with a smile.

Labels on beer bottles are a bit of Fredericks expert area. “I mix business with pleasure, so to say. As a beverage producer you need to think a lot about the label, and we can help our customer with both design, material, marking and labelling.”

New packaging return & recycling service

In January 2019, the new packaging act has set a new framework for the disposal of packaging in Germany. In order to make it easy for packaging users, Boxon and has launched a pilot project with the German RIGK GmbH: a company founded by the industry for the industry, commerce and agriculture, for the proper and environmentally friendly disposal and recovery of plastic products.

Thanks to the pilot project, Boxon’s customers and their end customers can easily dispose their used Big Bags at one of the many RIGK collection points. Boxon customers benefit from the RIGK services without any own administrative burdens. To use the services, they don’t have to sign an own contract with RIGK, but can simply benefit from Boxon’s license. The license number and sign is printed on to the Big Bags so they can be identified by RIGK upon return.

With this new service, Boxon makes it easy for its customers to access the recycling system. The only requirement is that the bags were purchased from Boxon and that the customer has previously added the service to the order.

Customers improve their environmental footprint

After the return, the big bags go directly into the recycling process: they are shredded and cleaned and processed into re-granulates, which are used to produce new plastic products. In this way, Boxon customers can ensure their used packaging is sensibly reused and improve the environmental performance of their company.

The service is currently available for Big Bag disposal in Germany. That means, that also companies delivering to Germany can use the service, if the Big Bag disposal takes place in Germany.

More info & contact
Get more information on our website (German) or contact us via infobulk.de@boxon.com (we speak English).

Learn more about RIGK

Leaf drop

We are glad to hear that our customer Brekeriet, a beer brewery in the south of Sweden, won a tender with Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol monopoly) which means 40.000 bottles of Leaf Drop on the shelfs all over Sweden. Extra fun is that our Construction & Design team contributed with the design of the label.

Mattias Johansson, Graphic designer at Boxon, is very pleased with the news: “It feels really good to hear this and I am glad the customer trusted us to help them with the design. This is something I burn for – designing labels that stands out and capture the company and the brand.”

Leaf drop label design

Read more about Brekeriet on: https://brekeriet.wordpress.com/

Summer time at Boxon!

The summer is always welcome and gives us new energy for the coming dark days of the year. But that doesn’t mean we are on the lazy side. At Boxon, we are open all summer and are available for our customers.

Our Label Production is open as well, so you do not need to get out of labels or buy more than you need in advance.

Please keep in mind that delivery times are slightly longer during the summer, so place your order in time.


We wish you all a lovely summer!