Boxon – focusing on Sustainability

Boxon promotes sustainable development that takes long-term environmental aspects into consideration and balances social and economic requirements.

We interact respectfully with the environments in which we operate, our employees, our business partners and the wider community. Our business concept and our strategies support good environmental management and corporate social responsibility. We are responsive to the wishes of customers and suppliers and strive to meet the market’s environmental requirements. Our choice of raw materials should result in high product safety and environmental standards.

Environmental aspects are taken into consideration throughout the entire production chain, which ensures that the products’ component parts are as environmentally sustainable as possible.


Optimized product range of corrugated

Most Boxon corrugated paper boxes are FSC certified. FSC is an independent, nongovernmental organization founded to promote responsible handling of the world’s forests. The certification ensures that the forest grows and is managed in a responsible manner that promotes biodiversity.

Boxon is now taking another step towards more green solutions. We optimize our product range of corrugated, focusing on best sellers and innovative environmentally friendly solutions. To be even more applicable, Boxon’s standard box assortment will have more integrated functions in the future, like several creases, crash-locks or integrated tape. Some boxes will have thinner thickness on the corrugated paper but with the same strength as previously. This means that you as a customer can reduce your stock which will optimize the distribution chain.

What will you as a customer gain?

  • Better overview of the products
  • Easier to order
  • well-lada-standardny-400Better delivery reliability
  • Possible to double stack more variants or more pieces on the pallet
  • Easier to navigate in the web shop with fewer articles




If you need any help ordering or have any problems finding the articles you need, do not hesitate to contact us via mail phone or chat!



Digital printing technology

Creating packaging design that really stands out is the beer revolutionaries Omnipollo experts in.

In our latest case with the label “Covered in puppies” one of the most eye-catching effect is used, the Holographic. With a highly refined material, all the colors of the rainbow are refracted and give a unique look to the product in every angle and lighting.

Creative packaging design for Omnipollo. Read more about them on

Digital printing technology is driving graphical developments and there is also greater flexibility in the ability to change the layout, with bigger creative opportunities.

What effect is right for your product? We are happy to help you find the perfect one. Contact us for more information! You can also read more about printed labels on our website –

Branded solutions

Brands sell. Which is why the brand must be nurtured, invested in and strengthened. Packaging solutions bearing the company’s logotype are an excellent way of continuing to build brand.

Like one of our customers, Timarco AB, with a vision to offer a broad, high quality brand portfolio with the deepest range and best possible service in lingerie online, are doing.

Please see for more info (picture from Timarco website)

Gustaf Carlsten, Account Manager, has been working with Timarco and going through their packaging needs. Together with our Construction & Design team, he came up with a new, branded box with several advantages: “It is easy to fold up and work with. The strip is easy to get off because it comes out a bit, and the glue is incredibly good! The side tabs make it impossible to get into the box when it is closed. And with the company brand on, it is a hit! “

Read more on our website how we can support your branding and packaging needs.

Added value through CO2 compensation

Boxon works continuously to develop products with a reduced environmental impact.

By climate-compensating your packaging purchases, you as a customer can make a significant contribution, affecting directly the carbon footprint of your company. Today we offer this service for our Bulk Handling products, giving you the opportunity to purchase climate neutral Big Bags. We were actually the first FIBC manufacturer with this highly environmentally friendly service. 

To be able to offer this service, we have calculated the carbon footprint of our Big Bags with the help of the non-profit organization MyClimate. All stages of the value chain were taken into account: Including raw materials, operational waste and transportation. The calculation method of MyClimate is based on internationally recognized standards (ISO 14040/44, ISO 14067, PAS 2050, GHG Product Life Cycle Standard). Based on this product carbon footprint, we can optionally add the climate compensation to all orders within the Big Bag range. In this context, Boxon supports a climate protection project in Tanzania, where the corresponding CO2 emissions are compensated.

We are glad to notice that our customers appreciate our sustainability projects that we have done and keep doing. Together with our customers, we have compensated for more than 340 tons of CO2 since last year.  Some customers use the service for each order.

For example, our customer Georg Plange (a leading flour producer) has already compensated CO2 several times since the project started. You can read more about this on their website (German):

An innovative business partner

Workshop concerning the Automotive industry

Understanding the customer’s needs and matching our offer is a part of our daily lives. We analyze the outside world, inspire to new ideas and quickly design innovative solutions that continuously secure the packaging flow, from order to delivery.

Some of our customers are working in a global, complex logistic world, and are looking for partners within packaging that can provide efficient solutions. Boxon is that partner! The challenge is to synchronize all activities and make sure we utilize all our knowledge within the company the absolutely best way. Therefore, we have gathered our forces this week, from China, Germany, France and the Nordics, for a weekly workshop. This will also include customer visits to deepen our knowhow and understanding for the Automotive business.

As our mission declares: We are an innovative business partner who will turn the packaging concept into a strategic value creator.

Read more on our Chinese website about our work within the Automotive industry:

Alternatives to the traditional plastic

Question marks about the use of plastic are creating a demand for alternatives. Boxon is offering alternatives in many different materials. Our greener alternatives to ordinary plastic comprise both green PE and compostable material.


LDPE stands for low-density polythene and has a low density, thus giving it shape ability properties. This makes the LDPE alternative ideal for products such as food bags, stretch film, milk carton linings, etc. LDPE is recyclable.

Green PE

Has the same properties as LDPE and an identical appearance. The only difference is that it is made from renewable resources. In Boxon’s case, from sugar cane. Green PE is 100% CO2 neutral and can be recycled back into PE or incinerated to form biofuel. Owing to its composition, no further carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere during incineration. The only CO2 escaping to the atmosphere is that which was once bound to the sugar cane.

Compostable material

Compostable material has similar properties to LDPE and Green PE and is made from renewable material. It can be made from many different sources, such as sugar cane, maize, etc. As it is not a plastic, it cannot be recycled together with plastic. Instead of recycling, it can be composted. Either through industrial composting or by composting at home.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Customer Survey

We are currently conducting a global Customer Survey. The respondents are random selected customers and an external partner will conduct telephone interviews.

If you do not get a call but have something on your mind, we’d love to hear from you. We are happy to receive your feedback, both positive and negative.