Automation for efficient e-commerce


Automation for efficient e-commerce was the topic of the day when Boxon hosted Pack @ lunch in November. We work with a number of partners to help e-commerce companies streamline their packing flows. One of them is Sealed Air, specializing in smart solutions and technology for automated packaging in e-commerce, among other things.

First speaker, Lester Barrat, is the EMEA director of Sealed Air’s packaging automation business. He pointed out that the growth of e-commerce has created increased demands for flexibility and speed in packing lines.

The next speaker was Sealed Air’s Garance Kropp, Sales Manager for Packaging Automation in the Nordic countries. A packing line is an investment, but every business starts with a thorough ROI, Return of Investment, said Garance Kropp.

Anders Marbe, Sales Manager Automation Projects Boxon Group, presented how automation of a packaging flow can look and how the information carrier allows you to have different alternative packaging solutions in one and the same line. The footprint becomes considerably smaller than dividing the packing machines on several different lines.

Pack @ lunch ended with a tour in our label production.

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Global Label System

quote_37x26.png  We don’t only create labels; we create more intelligent and sustainable labelling solutions.

A label, or a tag, is of course about your brand and profiling. With intelligent information and traceability, you have effective and better control, which gives you several logistical benefits.

An order-based label management saves time, cuts costs and improves security. These are some of the benefits and this is precisely what we offer in our Global Label System – Tracy, where our customers can print article information on the right label, at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right supplier.

The Global Label System – Tracy, consists of a cloud-based order platform supplemented by labels. The solution works for all companies who want full control over their labelling and marking.

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