Branded solutions

Brands sell. Which is why the brand must be nurtured, invested in and strengthened. Packaging solutions bearing the company’s logotype are an excellent way of continuing to build brand.

Like one of our customers, Timarco AB, with a vision to offer a broad, high quality brand portfolio with the deepest range and best possible service in lingerie online, are doing.

Please see for more info (picture from Timarco website)

Gustaf Carlsten, Account Manager, has been working with Timarco and going through their packaging needs. Together with our Construction & Design team, he came up with a new, branded box with several advantages: “It is easy to fold up and work with. The strip is easy to get off because it comes out a bit, and the glue is incredibly good! The side tabs make it impossible to get into the box when it is closed. And with the company brand on, it is a hit! “

Read more on our website how we can support your branding and packaging needs.

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