Boxon – focusing on Sustainability

Boxon promotes sustainable development that takes long-term environmental aspects into consideration and balances social and economic requirements.

We interact respectfully with the environments in which we operate, our employees, our business partners and the wider community. Our business concept and our strategies support good environmental management and corporate social responsibility. We are responsive to the wishes of customers and suppliers and strive to meet the market’s environmental requirements. Our choice of raw materials should result in high product safety and environmental standards.

Environmental aspects are taken into consideration throughout the entire production chain, which ensures that the products’ component parts are as environmentally sustainable as possible.


Optimized product range of corrugated

Most Boxon corrugated paper boxes are FSC certified. FSC is an independent, nongovernmental organization founded to promote responsible handling of the world’s forests. The certification ensures that the forest grows and is managed in a responsible manner that promotes biodiversity.

Boxon is now taking another step towards more green solutions. We optimize our product range of corrugated, focusing on best sellers and innovative environmentally friendly solutions. To be even more applicable, Boxon’s standard box assortment will have more integrated functions in the future, like several creases, crash-locks or integrated tape. Some boxes will have thinner thickness on the corrugated paper but with the same strength as previously. This means that you as a customer can reduce your stock which will optimize the distribution chain.

What will you as a customer gain?

  • Better overview of the products
  • Easier to order
  • well-lada-standardny-400Better delivery reliability
  • Possible to double stack more variants or more pieces on the pallet
  • Easier to navigate in the web shop with fewer articles




If you need any help ordering or have any problems finding the articles you need, do not hesitate to contact us via mail phone or chat!



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