Boxon Academy

Sharing knowledge and bring out our expertise about packaging and logistic challenges and solutions, is a part of our business model.

We call it Boxon Academy.

Last week our Strategic Sourcing Manager, Anders Duckert, visited E-commerce Park in Helsingborg Sweden, to hold a seminar on “Global packaging trends & packaging for E-commerce”.

E-commerce Park is a community for e-retailers and offers warehouse and logistics solutions, coordinates one of Sweden’s best e-commerce networks and arrange events and training in the area.

Anders talked about how consumers increasingly embrace online shopping, and that the packaging industry are changing their strategies to match the needs.

Trends within E-commerce are, for instance:

  • higher demands on environmentally friendly packaging
  • the packaging should match the company’s environmental values
  • more fitted packaging solutions to avoid transporting air
  • transparent and clear information about the environmental footprint
Read more about E-commerce Park (Swedish)

You can read more about how we develop together with companies that act within the E-commerce industry on our web site. 

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