Add value to your brand with labels

New technologies and flexible solutions for information, personalization, brand protection and traceability, not only contributes to increased product value. Intelligent and sustainable label solutions also help to increase the value of the brand in a more efficient and smarter way.


Digital printing

Thanks to the latest technology from HP Indigo, we offer the highest quality printing. Combine several varieties without costly adjustments. Fast, effective and completely variable. Some PANTONE® colours are difficult to represent in CMYK. Hence, we expand the tone range with HP IndiChrome Plus, which is based on CMYK, plus orange, violet and green.

Personalized print

Create a unique design for each packaging. Take advantage of the benefits of variable graphics, text or codes. With our tools, the possibilities are unlimited.

We offer a great deal of possibilities within labelling when it comes to printing techniques, material, effects and label types. If you have specific label requirements, we are happy to help!

Read more, download brochure or contact us for more information.



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