Boxon offers a new sustainable label

In our production in Borås, we can now offer labels (Boxon Eco label) on fossil free PP. The label material has the same characteristics as before, but is made in a more sustainable way. Developing more sustainable packaging solutions is one a significant part of Boxon’s strategy and therefore it is incredibly fun and important that our label customers now get to be a part of this.

Unlike previous synthetic material, this is prepared from a residual product (tall oil) from paper production. The process is called Mass Balance Approach which is ISCC certified.


Did you know that our label production in is FSC certified? With our solutions you can get everything from small labels with washing thread to global standard labels within transport and logistics solutions, QR codes, RFID codes and everything in between. We offer a variety of options in terms of label types, materials, effects, printing and brand protection. Read more >>

As a new or existing customer, you are welcome to contact us throughout the summer. We are happy to receive your order but consider to order your labels well in advance as a slightly longer delivery time can be expected during the summer period.

Want to know more or order?
Contact us by email at or call us on +46 42 – 25 07 00

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