Thank you, Boxon customers!

If you read our blog or our news from time to time, you have certainly already noticed that Boxon is very progressive when it comes to sustainability in packaging. But every offer also requires a demand and we know that many of our customers consider the ecological footprint of their packaging to be very important. So we continue developing new sustainable packaging solutions constantly – which is, by the way, even a goal that we set ourselves in the context of our CSR statement and 2025 vision.

We all know that you can achieve goals even better as team and we are very happy when we can involve our customers in our projects. This is especially the case for our CO2 compensation project, where our customers even broke the records in the first two quarters of 2020!

560 tons of CO2 compensated by Boxon customers in Q1 and Q2

With the purchase of almost 70,000 climate-neutral big bags, a total of 560 tons of CO2 were offset – more than in the whole last year. Whenever a customer chooses to add our CO2 compensation option to an order, a part of the purchase price goes to a climate protection project in Tanzania. In the first half of the year, almost 8,000 € was raised in this way for climate protection.

We are very happy that so many of our customers support this project and we are looking forward to more participants!

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