Black weekend is coming up..

Two of the biggest shopping holidays are just around the corner: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From the beginning, Black Friday was retailer’s day and Cyber ​​Monday was e-merchant’s day, but many saw the benefits of running a joint longer campaign both in stores and online. And why not, the trend is clear – consumption increases significantly this weekend (and week) compared to other weeks.

Last year, half of all shopping done by Swedes during the black week, was made online. This year, given the pandemic, we can guess that online shopping will increase even more. Surveys also show that half (56%) of the Swedish people will shop their Christmas presents on the Internet and Swedes, who buy Christmas presents, plan to spend more than half of the Christmas present budget online.

Trade is investing more than ever in its marketing ahead of Black Friday and they are fully equipped. It is important to be prepared for the most intense shopping days of the year and try to avoid anything that may hinder or take focus away from sales. In addition to planning your marketing and replenishing your product inventory, you need to make sure your packaging and delivery area is well prepared.

Refilling stock with packaging with return functions and ensuring that capacity is maximized, are some tips we give to our customers. If you are sending , it is important to choose packaging that minimizes your shipping costs and to consider your ecological footprint. This way you can show a little love and care for the environment.

We have a broad assortment of packaging that is specially developed for
e-commerce; returnable bags for mailed out goods and several environmentally friendly packaging choices.

E-commerce bag made of paper                           Function box

Get your goods – and your packaging ready! Contact us for more information or if you have questions about packaging. | | | |

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