New CEO to Boxon Group

PRESSRELEASE, 9th of February 2021

We are pleased to announce that Christer Rapp has been appointed as new CEO at Boxon Group. Christer started 1st of February and come most recently from Windoor/Sunparadise where he with great success worked as CEO for the Nordic companies.

I am very proud to present Christer Rapp as our new CEO. With his high level of competence and long experience of running and developing companies, Christer has the right profile to make Boxon the most innovative business partner in the packaging industry. Boxon has high growth in the seven markets in which we are established, and we look very positively to the future. We will continue to build Boxon with a clear foundation in our values and corporate culture. Christer adds competence and experience that becomes valuable for Boxon and our customers.”, says Anders Yllfors, resigned CEO of Boxon.

Christer Rapp has previously held senior positions in other major companies such as Lindab, Ahlsell and most recently as CEO of Windoor / Sunparadise, where he was involved in accomplishing a successful strategic implementation. In previous companies, the main focus has been on developing and refining well-functioning operations to perform even better.

It feels very good to join a value-driven and international company like Boxon. We have great opportunities to broaden our customer offer and continue to work with complete solutions to add more value to our customers. Of course, we will also continue our work on the CSR strategy to ensure that we can offer the most sustainable products and solutions on the market. I look forward to further develop Boxon together with our employees, customers and partners around the world“, says Christer Rapp, new CEO of Boxon.

Anders Yllfors resign as CEO and will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board, which creates good continuity.

For more information:

Anders Yllfors, Chairman of the Board, +46 70606 8771

Christer Rapp, CEO, +46 70190 1288

Black weekend is coming up..

Two of the biggest shopping holidays are just around the corner: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From the beginning, Black Friday was retailer’s day and Cyber ​​Monday was e-merchant’s day, but many saw the benefits of running a joint longer campaign both in stores and online. And why not, the trend is clear – consumption increases significantly this weekend (and week) compared to other weeks.

Last year, half of all shopping done by Swedes during the black week, was made online. This year, given the pandemic, we can guess that online shopping will increase even more. Surveys also show that half (56%) of the Swedish people will shop their Christmas presents on the Internet and Swedes, who buy Christmas presents, plan to spend more than half of the Christmas present budget online.

Trade is investing more than ever in its marketing ahead of Black Friday and they are fully equipped. It is important to be prepared for the most intense shopping days of the year and try to avoid anything that may hinder or take focus away from sales. In addition to planning your marketing and replenishing your product inventory, you need to make sure your packaging and delivery area is well prepared.

Refilling stock with packaging with return functions and ensuring that capacity is maximized, are some tips we give to our customers. If you are sending , it is important to choose packaging that minimizes your shipping costs and to consider your ecological footprint. This way you can show a little love and care for the environment.

We have a broad assortment of packaging that is specially developed for
e-commerce; returnable bags for mailed out goods and several environmentally friendly packaging choices.

E-commerce bag made of paper                           Function box

Get your goods – and your packaging ready! Contact us for more information or if you have questions about packaging. | | | |

Netthandelsgruppen AS in collaboration with Boxon AB

Lafossan Manohar, Johan Nordström and Frank Vee

The Norwegian e-commerce company Netthandelsgruppen is among the largest in Norway. A company that rapidly continues to increase its sales.

Netthandelsgruppen operates the online stores, and, all well known in Norway. is the largest and most famous site where you can find everything within exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle. This year, Netthandelsgruppen has doubled its turnover and expects to exceed NOK 300 million by the end of the year. In 2019, the turnover landed at 150 million kroner.

Great focus on expansion

Until now, the company has only had one Norwegian warehouse, in Ryen in Oslo. But after a year of explosive growth, it is necessary to increase capacity. From the new warehouse, the plan is to send goods to the whole world.

We have grown enormously in the last year and have simply not had the physical space. has the largest growth in Norway, but Comfyballs also has strong growth in Sweden and abroad. Netthandelsgruppen will therefore centralize in Sweden and serve all our Swedish customers from the new warehouse there.


Since June 1 2020, Netthandelsgruppen has a cooperation agreement with Boxon when it comes to packaging.

 “We buy almost everything within packaging from Boxon, ie labels, tape, stretch film, bubble wrap and then everything when it comes to boxes and corrugated. We are very satisfied, says Johan Nordström, Head of Logistics at Netthandelsgruppen, who intends a further and expanded collaboration in the future.

From now on, they buy all packaging from us except the e-commerce bags that we are still working on, says Frank Vee who is Boxon’s sales contact towards Netthandelsgruppen. He continues “From June until now, they have ordered a great amount of packaging from us and it will only increase even more.

The most popular box is a quick bottom box for the e-commerce company I suggested a few different models before we ended up with this solution. It is a quick bottom box that does not need to be taped and has the possibility to be adjusted in height, so no filling material is needed. When they tested this solution, they were so pleased that they ordered a large amount immediately. Another product we have developed is a combined standard 6-box and modular box for drink trays. This solution is now being developed even more, with printing and a quick solution for faster packaging time.

“They are very open to innovation and new thinking and wanted a partner who could help them get better. Something we have tried to live up to as well as possible, says Frank Vee.

Netthandelsgruppen wants to grow even more and are now loading for the upcoming Black Friday. “It will be incredibly exciting this year, Lafossan Manohar, Warehouse Manager concludes.

Nya avgifter på plast från Oktober 2020

Från FTI kommer nu information om justering för FTI-avgiften på plast. Förpackningsavgifterna (miljöavgifter) för plastförpackningar höjs per den 1 oktober 2020, från 2,78 SEK/kg till 4,42 SEK/kg.

Hur påverkar detta er?  Hur många kilo plast hanterar ni per månad? Vill ni veta mer om det detta? Läs detaljer på FTI’s hemsida.

Boxon är en innovativ affärspartner som gör förpackningskonceptet till en strategisk värdeskapare. Därför hjälper vi dig som kund med att hålla nere kostnaden och påverkan på miljön. 


Genom att välja vårt sortiment av sträckfilm, med goda försträcknings-egenskaper, kan du minska både din kostnad och slå ett slag för vår miljö. 

Boxon sträckfilm Reborn

Boxon har produkter med hög halt av återvunnet material men även produkter baserade på tallolja som är 100% koldioxidneutral. Läs mer om Reborn här.

”Tallolja är en biprodukt från pappersindustrin som tidigare bara eldats upp. Eftersom vi nu producerar återvinningsbar plast av denna, så hindrar vi den bundna koldioxiden att frisläppas” 

Vi erbjuder även sträckfilmer i reducerad tjocklek med goda egenskaper som kan likställas vid traditionell tjocklek. Boka ett sträckfilmstest för att avgöra vilka besparingar ni kan göra. 

Dessa produkter i kombination med vårt sortiment på maskiner, ger inte bara en positiv miljöpåverkan utan även en förpackning med god hållfasthet – en riktigt bra lösning helt enkelt. Nu har vi en kampanj med fokus på sträckfilmsmaskiner. Läs mer här.

Kundcase (sträckfilm) 
Nedan presenterar vi exempel på hur ni kan spara pengar och minska er miljöpåverkan.

Befintligt material: 20my – Årsförbrukning; 20 000 kg – Pris/kg: 22,30 
Årskostnad: 446 000 kr  – Miljöpåverkan: 46 000 kg CO2 belastning/ år
FTI-avgift: 88 400 SEK (4,42 SEK/kg) 

Ändra till:

Boxon sträckfilm: 15my – Årsförbrukning: 15 000 kg – Pris/kg: 22,30 
Årskostnad: 334 500 SEK – Miljöpåverkan: 34 500kg CO2 belastning/ år 
FTI-avgift: 66 300 SEK (4,42 SEK/kg) 

Besparing kostnad: 111 500 SEK 
Besparing miljö: 11 500kg CO2 belastning/ år eller -25% 
Besparing FTI-avgift: 22 100 SEK eller -25% 

Eller ändra till:

Boxon sträckfilm Reborn: 15my – Årsförbrukning: 15 000kg  – Pris/kg: 39,60 
Årskostnad: 679 500 SEK  – Miljöpåverkan: 26 450kg CO2 belastning/ år 
FTI-avgift: 66 300 SEK (4,42 SEK/kg) 

Ökad kostnad: 148 000 SEK 
Besparing miljö: 19 550kg CO2 belastning/ år eller – 43% 
Besparing FTI-avgift: 22 100 SEK eller -25% 

Kontakta oss gärna om du vill veta mer.

Materialslag som påverkas av höjningen:

Plastförpackningar, dvs alla polymerbaserade förpackningar inklusive förpackningar av cellofan, majsstärkelse och andra plastliknande material.

Verksamhetsförpackningar, dvs förpackningar som sorteras för materialåtervinning av företag, industri eller annan verksamhet. 

Serviceförpackningar, dvs förpackningar som i huvudsak fylls i butik, på restaurang eller liknande.

Odlarförpackningar, dvs förpackningar som till väsentlig del används för obearbetade produkter från jordbruk, trädgårdsnäring och liknande.

Boxon continues to invest in digital printing technology.

We are now the first company in the Nordics with an HP Indigo 6900 upgraded to HP Indigo 6K.

HP Indigo 6900 upgraded to HP Indigo 6K

Boxon has, for a long time, seen the benefits of digital printing technology and the positive solutions this means for us and our customers.

Stylish design, safe color recycling and variable printing, create good conditions for You, our customers, to reach a successful sale of your product.

We have different production methods with optimal solutions for both existing and future requirements. Various solutions that generate great flexibility in for example design and delivery.

Boxon is one of the Nordic region’s leading packaging suppliers with a unique packaging concept where labels are a significant part. From our production in Borås, we have been producing labels and offering system-integrated label solutions since the 1970s, and we invested early in digital solutions in collaboration with HP Indigo.

Now we are investing further and will be the first in the Nordics with an HP Indigo 6900 upgraded to HP Indigo 6K. The new printing press is already delivered and installed by Visutech and is in full production at our production facility in Borås.

Jukka Wallin, Production Manager and Toni Bauer, Operator

New functions mean new opportunities for our customers

With the latest HP Indigo technology in the new printing press, Boxon is well equipped for the future.

Spot Master is a new tool for color automation that enables Boxon to produce a brand’s unique color in just a few minutes on different types of materials.

Brand Protection includes several completely new adaptive security solutions for brand protection and can give the labels several layers of protection such as invisible colors, micro text, unique QR codes, variable data and much more. Everything can be printed in one pass.

Web to print

Digital printing technology sets high demands on digital workflows. Boxon has developed an appreciated website with a web shop that creates opportunities for our customers to order and manage their various labels and packaging solutions online. Most recently, we launched “Design your own label“.

We are developing this further and our ambition is for customers to be able to handle their designs and orders online.

Boxon offers a new sustainable label

In our production in Borås, we can now offer labels (Boxon Eco label) on fossil free PP. The label material has the same characteristics as before, but is made in a more sustainable way. Developing more sustainable packaging solutions is one a significant part of Boxon’s strategy and therefore it is incredibly fun and important that our label customers now get to be a part of this.

Unlike previous synthetic material, this is prepared from a residual product (tall oil) from paper production. The process is called Mass Balance Approach which is ISCC certified.


Did you know that our label production in is FSC certified? With our solutions you can get everything from small labels with washing thread to global standard labels within transport and logistics solutions, QR codes, RFID codes and everything in between. We offer a variety of options in terms of label types, materials, effects, printing and brand protection. Read more >>

As a new or existing customer, you are welcome to contact us throughout the summer. We are happy to receive your order but consider to order your labels well in advance as a slightly longer delivery time can be expected during the summer period.

Want to know more or order?
Contact us by email at or call us on +46 42 – 25 07 00

Boxon produces 3D Printing Face Shields

Boxon recently provided 3D printing face shields for frontline medical staff in Sweden by cooperating with Lund University.

3Dprinted face mask

Boxon produces the face shields with 3D printer and follows the 3D printing guidelines offered by 3D organization 3DVERKSTAN. The first batch of face shields was delivered to the X-lab at Lund University on the 17th April. Lund University is supporting the hospitals in Malmö and Lund with 1000 pieces of face shields per day.

Steven - 3D Printing Face Shields

The bracket of the Face Shield is made of PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is a kind of biodegradable material made from starch extracted from renewable plant resources such as corn and cassava and therefore environmentally friendly.


The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 and so is Sweden. The medical staff in Sweden is in desperate need of face shields but there is heavy shortage. In order to speed up the supply of protective masks, the Swedish 3D printing organization 3DVERKSTAN initiated the 3D printing face shield project and cooperated with Lund University’s X-Lab. 3DVERKSTAN published the guidelines on their website to ensure the face shields’ quality so that the same digital model and instructions are used.

3D Printing Face Shields


Numerous individuals and companies around the country volunteered to join and donate the 3D-printed parts. In these uncertain times, we have really seen what a great community and collaboration we have. Throughout the world, inspirations, ideas and knowledge are shared between hobbyists, designers, companies and volunteers. By working together, we can really help those who desperately need medical products and parts.

Since supply chains are being broken all over the world due to high demand, panic purchases and closed borders, 3D printers now have even greater impact in manufacturing locally and filling the gaps where traditional supply chains fail.

The 3D-printed face shield is approved as a temporary solution by the majority of county councils in Sweden, but should only be seen as a supplement until approved equipment is available. Watch the movie.

When engineering meets art, that is Boxon Innovation Team!

Boxon offers the first carbon neutral stretch film on the market


Boxon launches a new stretch film concept – REBORN, which is based on Scandinavian tall oil developed on residual pine products. It is also produced in one of our Swedish factories.

Environmentally friendly alternative

Stretch film is used to protect goods against various factors such as moisture and dust, while at the same time securing goods on the pallet to minimize damage and complaints during transport. Boxon’s existing standard range already contains several high quality stretch films. Now the range is further expanded with two products that are completely carbon free:

• Machine stretch film in 15my with stretch up to 340%
• Hand stretch film in 7my with reinforced edges.

It is very positive to be able to offer a green stretch film alternative“, says Mikael Jonsson, Product Specialist at Boxon.

Reborn has all the features that Boxon’s other range of stretch films have. In addition, Reborn is fully recyclable together with other plastics. With the help of the new bio-based stretch films you can reduce your carbon footprint even more without compromising on load stability. Reborn has also exceptionally good optical properties, so that labels are visible and easily readable.

Overall, there are many benefits with Reborn:

  • developed from a sustainable source
  • fully recyclable
  • 0% carbon footprint
  • ergonomic
  • very good optical properties


Packaging Engineer Tina Jin

Before International Women’s Day, we interviewed Tina Jin, packaging engineer from Boxon China. She shared her experience and ideas about work and life with us.

700x427 Tina

Q:  What made you decide to become a packaging engineer?

Tina: It was a very natural thing for me. I majored in packaging engineering (logistics related) from University and took an internship in a packaging testing company during school. Above that I have always been interested in packaging and as the saying goes “interest is the best teacher”.

Q:What do you think of the challenges and advantages for female packaging engineers compared with males?

Tina:The job requires energy both mentally and physically. Packaging engineers need not only make packaging drawings but also test packaging on site, figure out packaging problems, and go on business trips. As a result, some enterprises prefer males when recruiting packaging engineers because they consider that males are more qualified physically.

However, women are good at communication and are inclusive in general, which are the advantages for teamwork and communicating with clients.

Q:Could you please share with us one thing that was impressive and unforgettable at work?

Tina:I had a 6-month long employee training at my first job after graduation. I was assigned a packaging design task for a small client. It consists of 20 components and no data model was provided. I spent two months in measurement and designing and the packaging was completed at last.

It was the first time for me to see that my design became a real work, which was very impressive to me. In addition, my ability to develop packaging for multi-components was improved a lot. And I was also very grateful to the co-workers who helped and supported me.

Q:What are your thoughts about the trip to Europe last year?

Tina:We had a one-week session internally with colleagues from various countries to share our knowledge and experience and to discuss problems. We learnt the markets and projects in different countries and got to know each other better. This will absolutely benefit the team work especially for mega-projects and work efficiency.

Besides, we also visited the clients. This could make us learn their real needs and offer them just right packaging solutions. It also made me understand my work focus and direction better. 

I met some quite outstanding colleagues as well, who inspired me to work harder.

tina and colleauges

Q:How do you balance your work and family?

Tina:Do right things; be concentrated while working; work smart; don’t take work pressure home.

Q:Do you have any suggestions for women who are or would like to work as packaging engineer?

Tina:First, you should think deeply before choosing this job. Packaging industry isn’t fancy and requires patience and perseverance. If you are not interested in packaging, you are more likely to change jobs.

Secondly, a strong packaging company is important to the freshmen as it would have a big influence on your career. The pay should not be the first consideration.

Q:How will you spend international women’s day? Any greetings to women?

Tina:International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. However, in view of the special period of COVID-19 control, I will stay at home rather than celebrate it outside. I cannot wait to go back to work next Monday after the isolation.

I wish all women a happy festival and all the best!

Do you have packaging issues? Leave a message or call us directly and we are glad to offer support!

We can do this!

We have taken precautions for the safety of our employees. Boxonites all over the world are working from home or in safety shifts in the offices and warehouses keeping the business going. A very special thanks to everyone, let’s keep the good spirit up – we can do this! Take care!

we-are-still-working (1)